Direct payday lenders -Direct lenders: complete our simple online application

It would seem that this is a simple question, but sometimes even uncomplicated things can be asked. That’s why today we want to answer – what do you need to be able to apply for a loan? Are documents required? What does the application process itself look like?

Direct lenders: complete our simple online application

Nowadays, we do everything or actually most of the things online. It is no different in the case of online payday loans direct lenders, here at¬†we can also submit the application conveniently via the network. This means that you can do it from anywhere in Poland, e.g. from the sofa in your own home. The second thing you can do at any time of the day or night. This is a huge advantage, most loans are also available on weekends, even if it is the so-called “free Sunday”.

What you need to submit an application

First of all, you need to have a computer or smartphone so that you can conveniently check the lenders’ offers. Once you make the decision which company you want to use, about moving from the ranking on the loan company website you submit a simple application, which consists of filling in the basic data in the application form. Data is your personal data and, if applicable, information on liabilities and income. Everything takes literally a moment.

Examples of conditions that must be met in one of the known loan companies in Poland:

When you want to get a loan Just:

  • you are a citizen of the Republic of Poland,
  • you are between 21 and 75 years old,
  • Your place of permanent residence is in Poland,
  • you have the ability to repay the loan,
  • you have not been entered in any register of debtors violating the obligations of timely payment of financial claims (including the Credit Information Bureau),
  • you will receive a positive assessment when testing your creditworthiness,
  • you have a bank account

These are not very high requirements. This is simply the traditional customer check. Most companies do not require earnings certificates, so you can get up to PLN 10,000, that’s a lot. Many lenders also offer promotions for new customers, i.e. the first free loans with 0% APRC. We recommend using such offers! This mainly applies to loans for small amounts, so-called quick payday loans, i.e. 30-day offers. You pay them off in one installment. You will find such lenders among new online payday loans, which we also write on our blog.

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