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Payday loan calculator. Using a payday loan calculator is fast, convenient. In addition to providing information, we also assist you in concluding the contract for the selected banking product.

Without real estate collateral, you would need a freely available sum of money that can be obtained quickly and easily.

Without real estate collateral, you would need a freely available sum of money that can be obtained quickly and easily.

Free payday loan administration with a nationwide network

  • Our credit specialist will contact you within a few hours and answer any questions you may have
  • We will present our comparative analysis of bank offers at a personal meeting that is best suited for you.
  • Our help and full administration are FREE, we do everything for you!
  • There is no obligation to send your information, nor do you have to pay anything in advance
  • payday loan without real estate collateral, freely available money that can be obtained quickly and easily, choose one of our bank partners payday loan schemes!

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Personal loan

In many cases, we give you a personalized quote and a discount. We are bank independent – we work with most domestic financial institutions as a privileged partner, which means extraordinary lines and even significant discounts.

The Bank reserves the right to determine the documents necessary for the credit assessment, to evaluate the credit and to exclude the obligation to tender. The rate of the transaction interest rate is determined on the basis of the result of the Bank’s customer rating.
The Bank checks the execution / existence of the income transfer and the repayment of the loan every 3 months. If the Minimum Expected Income Credit is not received or the loan is overdue for any amount beyond 60 days, the loan will be repriced from the next due date to the term of the Standard payday loan Facility at the time of repricing.

The APR has been determined taking into account the current conditions and the applicable legislation, and may change subject to changes in the terms.

We are free of charge – Full credit counseling and credit management is truly free of charge.


The detailed terms and conditions of the services provided by Good Finance contracted Financial Institution Partners, current interest rates and charges, promotions and further information are provided in the Financial Institutions’ Terms of Business, General Terms and Conditions, Announcements, and List of Terms. Please note that Financial Institutions reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and therefore seek the assistance of an independent Money Market Intermediary. Government Decree 83/2010 on the determination, calculation and publication of the APRC (III. 25.) Government Decree; The APRC has been determined taking into account the current terms and the applicable legislation and may change as the terms change. The APR value does not reflect the interest rate or exchange rate risk of the loan.

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