How can we improve our credit?

Home loan has two important features. The first is to get it smoothly and quickly, and the second is to get out of the “party” as cheaply as possible. We fully agree with this, and for this reason we have collected the facts that help us do this. Come on, read this special loan!


Help for quick borrowing

Help for quick borrowing

There are three really important things we can do to keep your borrowing running smoothly . The first of these is credit pre-qualification . This is a service that is available at most banks, which means that we are financially screened as if we were taking out a home loan, with only real estate not yet available. As a result, we will know how much we are looking for and how much credit we will be able to borrow. What’s more, banks usually keep this information for half a year, so you don’t have to collect all your income and other paperwork again to save you time.

The second is that we collect enough or even more self-power. This way, we do not have to wonder whether that much credit can still be solved or can be raised. And we have many financial opportunities to build our own. TBSZ accounts , NOK , home savings and CSOK are included. The important thing is to be conscious about borrowing.

Our third and last option is our Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan . We have written several times in the past that we can only get loans that meet the conditions that are good for us. In this case, we would like to highlight the feature that there is a limit to the maximum number of days a credit assessment and disbursement can take. So with that, we just got ourselves time again. Now let’s look at how to get cheaper credit!


Save on credit!

Save on credit!

Basically, we have 2 (+1) options to get your credit cheaper. We would start with the plus one, though this is almost self-evident: Let’s use the home loan calculator and choose a loan that is cheaper than the others.

The other two options are play maturity and the other is the benefits of early repayment. Let’s start with the former!

Once again, with the help of a loan calculator , a bank (let’s say Lucarest Bank) of a 30-year home loan of 15 million forints with a monthly repayment of 60,602 for a total of 21,784,959, which we will repay. In contrast, if we take out a home loan for only 15 years, the total amount is HUF 18,248,866, which is no less than HUF 3.5 million.

Credit prepayment is also a spectacular way to save money. According to the rules of mortgage loans , our capital debt is constantly decreasing and increasing. This is the basic idea that if we save and prepay for credit, we will do better. In an earlier article, we showed you how to save $ 2,070,950 on your loan with home savings. All we have to do is continuously launch a 4 year $ 20,000 monthly contract.

This brings us to the end of the ways we can make our home purchase better. If you do only one of these, you’ll be clearly better off. However, if you are curious about similar opportunities, please contact us! To the best of our knowledge, we will support you as much as possible in obtaining the home of your dreams.

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