Consumer credit is increasingly popular

consumer credit

As predicted, consumer-friendly loans are on the market. We have also written a lot about this opportunity, which is really worth taking advantage of. However, to hear about any results beyond expectations. What’s the secret? We went after him.


Interesting data on consumer-friendly credit

consumer credit

We know for sure that by the end of April, various banks and savings co-operatives have issued almost 87 billion forints of Qualified Consumer Loans . This means we are expected to cross the $ 100 billion mark by the end of May.

According to central bank data, people take an average consumer-friendly loan for 16.6 years, worth HUF 10.81 million.

What’s also interesting is that 88% of them were used to buy a second-hand home , but there are 5% who have redeemed their earlier bad loans. We think it’s a great thing that some people do not stay in credit, but look at the better opportunities.

And we are particularly pleased that many have taken our advice and are choosing a high interest period (3-5 years) due to the current low interest rate environment.


What’s the secret to consumer-friendly credit?


Truth be told, there is a lot we could write here over the pages.

In any case, this includes low interest rates (this is the bank’s profit), because the cheaper a loan is , the better it is worth for us.

The high interest period is also extremely useful during this period. This can be explained by the fact that we can fix our currently low interest rates for many years to come. More and more people are borrowing to save money. An important feature of a qualified consumer-friendly loan is that if you prepay it, the cost can only be 1% of the amount paid. In fact, when you pay for a home savings, you don’t have to pay any costs. Perhaps these are the three qualities that make it really the most popular and sought after product in the credit market.

Don’t wait too long for your credit! Contact us! To the best of our knowledge, we can help make your home purchase an easy and inexpensive process.

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